In 2021, Citrofrut invested in Social Programs in the regions where we operated, such as Zaber Foundation, Red Cross, Nuevo León Firefighters, and other charity organizations. In addition, our plants invested in local and social programs.

One of our priorities is to promote sustainable development in the communities where we operate, and thus, we started social impact studies in the communities of Huichihuayan (San Luis Potosí), Paso Largo (Veracruz), Alamo (Veracruz). We established priorities and action plans in each location based on these assessments.




Volunteering-housing improving.

Race for health.

Paso Largo

Containers donation to adapt them as school classrooms

Hospital beds donation

Cleaning and painting volunteering activities

Home construction program support


In the aftermath of hurricane Grace, assistance with donations and distribution of food, clothing, and other immediate items were provided.

Antibacterial gel donations

Cleaning and painting volunteering activities

Containers donation to adapt them as school classrooms

Home construction program support

Health & Safety

We work every day to ensure our employees’ health and safety, and to have a strategy based on three pillars:

Regular medical examinations are carried out for our staff, and based on the results, a health index is carried out, and four health pieces of training are implemented annually.

Culture of Health Various awareness campaigns are carried out with a prevention approach to promote the best health practices. Sports activities are also organized for our team.

It includes corrective plans based on the studies and the results submitted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to reduce and eliminate occupational risks.

Our company has policies and processes for eliminating occupational risks, including job and task risks, safety inspections, determining the degree of risk, and correcting unsafe conditions. In addition, our plant in Paso Largo, Veracruz, Mexico, is implementing a health system based on the international standard ISO 45001:2018.

In 2021, 74 risk assessments were performed

Behaviour Based Safety Program

We have a program based on the treatment of five risky behaviors: stress, tiredness, haste, overconfidence, distraction, and five environmental risks: Blind spot, tools and equipment, line of fire, posture, order, and cleanliness.

Certifications and Standards

At Citrofrut, we seek that our products are aligned with the highest quality and safety standards. Therefore, we have the following certifications.


USDA organic




Guarantees production processes
aligned to organic methods

NOP (USA), COR (Canadian), EU
(Europe), LPO (Mexico)

Guarantees compliance with kosher
production standards

Self-certification of authenticity in
labeling and traceability

Food safety system

Paso Largo


El Rosario


Our team

Total employees


Workforce by gender1:

Men: 75% | Woman: 25%

Turnover rate1


1 Permanent workers

Satisfaction Survey

To ensure employee development, a good work environment, and wellbeing, in 2021, we carried out a work environment survey. The survey evaluated three areas: 1) ethics and compliance, 2) commitment, and 3) satisfaction. In the three areas, results above 85% were obtained.

More than 1,000 employees participated in the 2021 on the survey


We care about our employees and are always looking to improve their work conditions and remain competitive in the labor market. For this reason, we offers additional benefits over and above the legally established minimums.

Training and

At Citrofrut, develop our staff with the necessary tools to carry out their work and also long-range skills that contribute to their professional and personal growth.

We also have transition courses to accompany our employees in the different stages of their careers.

In 2021, 477 training courses were given, 83% complying with the Annual Training Plan

Citrofrut University

Citrofrut University was created to satisfy the need to provide agile training looking to ensure that collaborators acquire and develop the right skills to perform their assigned functions. This way each area will be able to respond strategically to the incoming challenges that we face as company.