our Company

Citrofrut, a Mexican Juice and Fresh Fruit Company, is an agro-industrial business with more than 60 years in the market, characterized by producing quality fruit juice. We produce & deliver fresh and processed fruit products to our customers, offering reliable and innovative solutions through a sustainable grove to market operation.

Our Purpose

Mindfully sowing and harvesting the best of nature for a better world.

Fresh fruit

We offer a wide variety of fresh fruit throughout the year, from conventional and organic groves.

Juice products

We offer citrus, tropical fruit, and products developed with the best fruit in Mexico. More than 20% of our processed fruit comes from our groves, contributing to our high-quality standards. Both our citrus and juice processes are sustainable, and we reduce waste. We extract juice and pulp as ingredients for the food and beverage industry, particularly fruit juice. We recover essential oils and aromas used in the flavor industry and fragrance, and we transform fruit peel into an animal food ingredient, rich in energy and fiber.

Our headquarters are in Monterrey, Mexico.

our presence

Our company operates five strategically located processing plants. Our locations are certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and comply with water treatment regulations to ensure sustainable processing practices..

We have a distribution center in McAllen, Texas, to offer efficient and reliable deliveries to our US customers.

Additionally, we have storage and distribution capacity around the world. We export our products to 40 countries in 5 continents. We service diverse industries, such as Food and Beverage, Flavor & Fragrances, and Livestock, supporting key bottlers and distributors that serve retail channels and food service.

our culture

As a Juice Company, Citrofrut is founded on a solid humanistic culture, which we live daily through our Model of Identity. At Citrofrut, we have the following beliefs:

All human beings should be treated with dignity and respect.

Integrity is the foundation of long-lasting human relationships.

Human beings can constantly improve.

Work is a means to pursue happiness.

Sustainability Materiality Matrix

Citrofrut Sustainability Model

A Sustainability Model is the graphic representation of a company’s sustainability strategy. It aims to show the relevant pillars concisely. The Model proposed below considers the business philosophy, its Purpose, Values, and Material issues.


  1. Business Strategy & Clients

  2. Governance, Ethics & Compliance

  3. Sustainable performance

  4. Sustainable supply chain


  1. Well-being quality of life

  2. Sustainable Leadership

  3. Career planning, development & training

  4. Diversity, equity and inclusion


  1. Water management

  2. Sustainable agriculture

  3. Climate change & energy efficiency

  4. Waste responsible management

  5. Environmental management

  6. Soil Care & Biodiversity


  1. Community & Social Vitality

  2. Community & Strategic Multisectorial Alliances

This assessment allowed us to identify the sustainability priorities of our company and stakeholders.