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Citrofrut is the most important producer and processor of Valencia Orange in Mexico, To date, at Citrofrut we care for over 2.3 million orange trees in our groves. All our orchards are going through a Sustainable Agriculture Accreditation.

The orange is a round fruit, orange in color, consumed mainly in winter. The pulp inside is also orange and is made up of small sachets filled with juice.

Orange production is recommended in temperatures between 15 and 29 degrees, however, orange production can occur in other weather conditions, as long as the necessary treatment is given.

Orange production in the world

Brazil is the world leader in orange production, as well as citrus fruit in general, thanks to its favorable terrain and climate conditions.

According to the most recent statistics, the South American country has an orange production of 17 million tons per year, followed by China with 8.69 million tons.

Orange production in Mexico

Mexico ranks fourth in the world in orange production, only surpassed by the United States, China and Brazil.

Annual orange production is 4.63 million tons per year, with 44 percent coming from Veracruz.

The challenges for orange production

Some of the difficulties orange production faces have to do with sudden changes in temperature, which can damage an entire harvest.

In addition, world economic problems also affect orange production, due to the lower demand that may arise.

What is the process for orange production?

What is the process for orange production?

Annually, orange production begins in October and lasts until April or May, thanks to weather conditions.

These months are essential for orange production, since the subsoil temperature, humidity and the amount of sunlight are ideal.

In Citrofrut, all our orchards are going through a Sustainable Agriculture Accreditation, which guarantees a production of the highest quality and low impact on the environment.

Over 20% of our processed fruits come from our own groves, which helps us maintain our high products standard.

Our orange products

At Citrofrut we distinguish ourselves by offering the best orange products, that's why we have the best infrastructure to develop a wide catalog of orange products, always with the proper care of the environment.

Frozen Concentrated Juice

NFC Juice (chilled & aseptic)

Pulp Cells (frozen & aseptic)

Dry Peel (cattle feed)

Washed Dry Peel

Essential Oils

Essences & Aromas


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