Lemon fruit

The lemon fruit is round and slightly elongated, it belongs to the citrus family and therefore shares many of the characteristics of other species of citrus, such as having a thick skin.

It is used fresh for culinary uses, and its juice in the food preparation industry. For the pharmaceutical industry it is a raw material for the manufacture of many medicines, and at home it can be used for many home remedies.

Citrofrut has developed over 800 hectares of lemon tree fruit production and continues to grow its processing volumes.

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Lemon production in Mexico

According to the FAO, Mexico is the second largest lemon producer in the world, only behind India, with an annual production of 2,700 tons.

Types of lemon fruit

Although it's possible to find different types of lemon in the world, such as Mexican lemon, bitter lemon, among others, Citrofrut focuses its production on citrus lemon.

Lemon tree cultivation

For the lemon tree cultivation, the weather conditions must oscillate between 25 and 30 degrees centigrade and with great air flow, so that they allow its correct development.

Our lemon fruit products

At Citrofrut we are one of the most important lemon producers in Mexico, which is why we also offer a wide catalog of products derived from this fruit.

Frozen Concentrated Juice

NFC Juice (chilled & aseptic)

Pulp Cells (frozen & aseptic)

Dry Peel (cattle feed)

Washed Dry Peel

Essential Oils

Essences & Aromas


We are one of the most important lemon producers in Mexico!

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