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Citrofrut cares about generating an excellent working environment and an organizational culture that inspires pride across all involved in the company. We recognize that our collaborators are our most valuable asset.

We are a dynamic organization that offers our Collaborators great development opportunities across the entire value chain; from our nurseries & groves, to manufacturing, logistics and the commercialization of our final products. Make a career in Citrofrut and discover a wonderful job opportunity!

Work Culture

Meaningful jobs

Our system offers constant opportunities to develop as individuals and professionals, where we can grow and strengthen our talents while having a positive impact on others, our communities and the environment. Make a career in Citrofrut and be part of this positive impact.

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Work culture and social integration

Our work culture and decision-making process is based on our Model of Identity; founded on the beliefs and values ​​that drive our daily actions. We seek to live and transmit a solid Humanistic Culture through our Open Doors policy, with unmarked hierarchies that allow us to be closer to the ideas of our Collaborators and Leadership.

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and fair compensation

Citrofrut recognizes its talent and seeks to provide fair treatment for their hard work, we distinguish ourselves by providing competitive and fair compensation for the work of our people. Make a career in Citrofrut and challenge yourself!

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Generation of leaders

Wellness, great life-balance

Our practices support the diverse needs of our Collaborators, such as flexible work schedules, attractive schemes for fathers and mothers who play a leading role in the care of their homes and children, daycare support, lactation rooms, and access to gyms, among others.

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Savings & retirement

Because it is important for you to think about the future, we offer savings plans & accounts, as well as retirement benefits that strengthen a culture of financial order and preparation for the future. Make a career a Citrofrut and start building your future!

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Talent Development Programs

At Citrofrut, we offer two Talent development programs to train or new generation of Leaders. Each program is focused on overcoming and developing talent focused on the different needs of the industry and our company.

Seedbed Program


Focused on Collaborators seeking professional practices, the Seedbed Program provides them with unique working experiences. The program allows us to plant these “seeds of talent” across our value chain and accompany them through their growth and development.

Pixoa Program

Pixoa program:

Derived from the Nahuatl word meaning “to sow”, this program for high potential collaborators is designed to attract recent graduated professionals with exceptional qualities. The program will take them through diverse challenging roles across our distinct functional areas providing opportunities to participate in high impact projects for the organization.


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Citrofrut Testimonials

Great place
to work

Our exciting career opportunities offer meaningful jobs, a humanistic working culture, adequate life balance and fair compensation.

Citrofrut a Great Place to Work
Citrofrut Empresa Socialmente Responsable